Twist Out 2020: The Finished Product

Hello again! And yes I am still banging on about my Twist Out (part one) but here we get to the Finished Product! Just a quick disclaimer before I get into this, I am looking miserable a lot here but I guess I was so focused on the hair in the pics, I forgot to smile!

Quick Product Recap from Part 1:

Afrocenchix Soothe Lightweight Scalp Oil

Taliah Waajid Shea Coco Condition Daily Leave In Conditioner

EDEN Bodyworks Peppermint Tea Tree Hair Oil

Revlon Realistic Black Seed oil Twisting Pudding

The Twist Out

The next morning I completely wussed out of taking down the twists. I felt inside the twist and it felt a little damp. Even with the little spritz I did. Or was it wetness from the products I could feel? I don’t know. Either way, I could wait. I wasn’t going anywhere. I’m still not going anywhere. Damn Covid. Also, this was just another practice on the journey to getting my perfect twist out. When I wore a twist out to my friend’s wedding a little while ago, I put the twists in on a Thursday and took them out on the Saturday morning. You have to have the confidence that they’re dry. And by the time I had come to the conclusion that these were dry enough, I couldn’t be bothered to take them out ran out of time.

Day 1

woeful to frofull, twist out, fluffy fro
Day 1

And here she is – my twist out on my type 4 hair. This was my Day One. When I did my first pass of taking out the twists, they were super defined but my hair had no volume and looked quite sparse. But as you can see, I have pretty thick hair so I wanted to make sure you could see that. I separated them and it fluffed right up.

Luckily, I like the fluffy loosened texture. Some may even use the word frizz but I call it the beautiful and varied textures of afro hair in it’s stretched state. My hair was stretched, soft, moisturised and the texture was a change to my normal twists, picked out fro or my shrunken wash and go. I don’t shape my hair when I trim. My priority is to trim off the dead ends. I haven’t had a haircut, well since I shaved all my hair off. So it can sometimes look shapeless and uneven but I can pat it into a more polished sort of shape.

woeful to frofull, fluffy, healthy fro, type 4 hair
And here she is from the back. A bit of “frizz” some would say…

With all the products used, my hair was smelling good enough to eat. My hair smelt delicious, felt soft and silky but I didn’t have much hope for it overnight…at all.


If you don’t know how to pineapple your hair, here is a good place to start your research. It’ll protect your curls or twistout by having the part of your hair that you sleep on be the underneath of your hairstyle. It’s quite clever really. I wrapped a satin scarf around the bottom half of my head, slept on my satin pillowcase and went to bed.
woeful to frofull, pineapple, nighttime routine, high puff
Overnight style
Now my hair gets dry really quickly. I was expecting to wake up and take the hair tie out of the pineapple and still be in my pineapple form. However, I was able to shake my hair out like all the YouTubers, hair gurus and participants in the curly forums say you can and it worked. My Type 4 hair shook down and I was shook 🤯. In all honesty I’d lost a little bit of shape but it still had some movement and all those products I’d put in had obviously been a more superior moisture regime than I expected!
It definitely was a win, and I would have been happy with not being able to get out the pineapple, I would have been happy with that being my hair style for the week. Because who doesn’t like a high puff? Especially me, now I can do one! I’m out of that short phase where getting your hair into a bobble is a struggle and it just becomes a daily reality. High puff, low puff, side puff. I can do it all!

Day 2

woeful to frofull, healthy hair, twist out, fluffy soft afro
Day 2
Yes, it looks a little compressed but with a little bit of love, I made it work for the day.

Day 3

woeful to frofull, healthy hair, twist out, fluffy soft afro
Day 3
Yea, I know. It’s lost that twist out look and is starting to look like freeform locs, which certainly isn’t a bad thing but isn’t quite the look I was going for. And now all the envy of those people who say they can refresh day 3, 4 or 5 curls is brewing just beneath the surface. Yea, that girl is not me, I am not one of those girls. I am not salvaging this.
At Day 3, I still had movement but the overnight pineapple was still a bit visible when I shook it out. I styled it out with some large hair clips from Day 4 but my dream of a week long twist out was over at Day 3.

Day 4

Like I said, Day 4 was salvaged by clips. My hair was getting drier and the pineapple stretched the hair at roots and lost almost all definition but remnants of the twist out remained. The pineapple had caused a weird shape in my hair that I couldn’t seem to reshape but the clips looked sort of cute.
woeful to frofull, frohawk, type 4 hair, twist out
This is Day 4, over half way there!

Day 5 and 6

woeful to frofull, type 4 hair, old twist out
Day 5 or 6 (not sure which one!)
My puff in this pic is a bit lopsided but this is basically bed hair. If I remember correctly, taking this pic was literally the first thing I did that day after I rolled out of bed. Even before my morning tank emptying. That’s the kind of dedication I have for this blog! I evened it out, moisturised it which caused a bit of shrinkage and more of the twist out was lost. But we were at the end of the week…almost.

Day 7

Day 7, I just let the fro flow free. It was a mess but no one could see me except my husband and kids and they don’t care! Working from home has its perks.

I’m hoping next time I do this I can keep a decent twist out until Day 7. It’s possible right? It has to be possible? Even for me? Right?!

Let’s keep trying and growing together!
xx Lee xx
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