Why I Don’t Vlog

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Honestly, there are a  million reasons why I chose to blog rather than vlog and videos like this make me wonder why anybody does?!


We need them so this doesn’t happen to us! #vloggersoftheworld I take my invisible hat off to you!

I think I have been a little late to the blogging world. The idea of vlogging terrifies me. So for the time being and probably the whole future of existence I will stick to words on the page screen. I suppose it tracks back to all of my insecurities about how I look, how I present myself, how I come across to others. I’ll never really know what people think of me. You can always ask. But there are very few people when confronted with displaying that sort of honesty would actually give you what you ask for. And I don’t think I could take it.

I feel like I would be opening myself up more than I feel comfortable with by providing moving pictures for those [hopefully] imaginary trolls out there to get me. Trolls, they are the internet version of the monster under your bed, probably not there, but terrifying nonetheless. Pictures are just a momentary snapshot of you. If you’re walking and talking and showing all of yourself, it makes me feel like I would be more vulnerable.

I’ve had a few issues with negative comments since I started this journey in November last year. However, overall I’ve had quite a positive experience since I started this journey publicly. I’m partially prepared for some backlash. I’ve mentally steeled myself against it but I hope upon hope that I won’t need to worry about that too much.

I do worry sometimes that my personality doesn’t come across even in this written medium where I feel more confident. Here in the real world, I would much rather email or text than talk or Skype. In fact, I will admit that I have never even FaceTimed (on purpose). The thought of it makes me cringe and that would be in a conversation with someone I know. I can’t imagine talking to the world. Don’t worry I am not overestimating the reach of this blog. But creating a post in a format they can save, twist, re-share and meme is scary. The anxious side of me definitely comes out to play thinking about recording my thoughts. I think I can just about take it in photo form and even then, I am still a little nervous.

A vlog would essentially be a spoken version of this blog. I wish I had the confidence to do it that way. I can see word heavy blogging is probably becoming antiquated. Vlogging is the future but I don’t mind living in the past a little longer. Maybe in a few years when I’ve been at this a while my confidence will have soared and I’m throwing videos out there with the best of them Naptural85 style. Maybe I’ll decide it’s time to catch up with the times and do what everyone else is doing. Hmmm….

Let’s keep growing together!

xx Lee xx

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