Wanting More Out Of Life

Is it greedy to want more out of life? To not just be happy with what you’ve got? It feels greedy. And ungrateful.

I am the happiest and most content I have ever been. But for some reason it doesn’t feel like it’s enough. There are some positives to not feeling completely fulfilled. You strive for more. You don’t settle. You aspire.

I don’t feel like I live everyday to the fullest. But there is an end goal. And I’m getting closer. My family and my life is moving (slowly) in the right direction. Knowing that something better is waiting around the corner is the only way to make the humdrum moments bearable.

Everyday I see my children learning new things and marvel at their curiosity and wonder. Have I lost that? Or have I just lost my perspective? Maybe I’m just as hopeful as them but it’s hard to see from the inside looking out. There are always things you want that other people have, sometimes you’re so caught up in the game of Keeping Up that you don’t realise you’ve already got everything you need. The stuff you want, you’ll just have to take or leave.

It could be that life doesn’t look like you’d expect but if you stepped back you would be shocked by how far you’ve come.

Keep up the hard work or just keep on keepin’ on. But don’t stop moving forward.

Let’s keep growing together!

xx Lee xx

Also published on woefulwrites.wordpress.com on 07/04/2019.

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