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This Blog Is Killing Me! If I Did Have Hair, I Would Be Pulling It Out!

I have started this blog to chronicle my hair journey and the positive changes I want to make in my life which I am I so excited about. To do this, I have to write and maintain this site. So practising my writing means having to learn how to build a website. This is so much harder than I was expecting. You see all these adverts, start a blog in five minutes, it takes seconds to create a website, it’s so easy, any idiot can do it. Well, I must have lost my Idiot’s Guide To Creating A Website. To be fair, adverts always tell you the easiest, quickest outcome. It’s like when you make a cake and the recipe says it takes 45 minutes. Three hours later, you’re a heap in the corner of your kitchen, flour, eggs, sugar in your hair, a gooey mess sliding down the walls and no cake to speak of.

It’s taken me well over a week to get to this point and there are still issues that for the life of me I can’t resolve. This is not good for my state of mind which I am trying to improve. Stay positive, stay positive, don’t let the negativity bring you down like you usually do. Unfortunately, trying to make the site look right on a tablet, a phone and a laptop is a battle I’ve decided to lose for now. Maybe it’s wrong to not strive for perfection, however at this point I just want to get my content out there to be read, ignored, judged, mocked, I don’t care but it’s better out in the universe than in my head.

I should have possibly gone on some sort of course, maybe I’m just not suited to this, maybe I should just give up now. Maybe there is a button that I haven’t pressed or a menu I haven’t opened or something so simple it would make me cry when I’m told the solution. Something inside me says struggle on, you’ll get it right eventually, keep researching, keep trying. I suppose I could  pay someone (if I had more money) to create a perfect site for me but I want to do this myself so I’ll figure out a way, eventually.

So my main issue at the moment is that some of my posts aren’t being viewed correctly on my phone but look exactly the way I want them to look on my laptop. I’ve fiddled with paragraphs, line spacing, CSS, coding, installing plug-ins, switching between desktop and mobile versions, doing things that I had no concept of just last week. Some of my posts look like there are pictures missing because the spaces are so big but it’s just a paragraph gone wrong. Creating a paragraph is something I can obviously do, since I was a child in fact and you’d think it would be the easy on a website, it is not. I don’t know how many variations of the problem I have Googled with absolutely zero resolution. It would not surprise me and in fact at this point I expect it, that when I publish this page, the same issues will rear their ugly, frustrating,  insufferable heads.

I’ve decided to just plough on, if it’s not perfect, it’s not perfect and that’s life. But the frustration has given me a headache and that’s not good. This is possibly more due to the fact that I haven’t drunk enough water today but I’ll blame this site instead. Maybe when I reach my goal of tailbone length hair, which won’t happen unless I do drink more water, I will be a seasoned programmer with a perfect looking site, maybe several sites and a hair and beauty empire to boot. But for now I’ll just apologise for the imperfections and hope that you can bear with me because I am trying!

Let’s keep growing (more skilled) together!

xx Lee xx

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