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I can’t speak for everyone but I blog because it makes me happy. I do not make a penny from this. In fact, at times, it’s been quite an expensive hobby with the add ons to the website, security features, domain registrations, buying products to test and what not. But no matter what, I keep writing.As a mum of 3, as you may or may not be able to imagine, it can be hard to find time and space that’s all your own. It can be hard to find space that is even just partially yours. But when I’m writing on my blogs, researching for them and dealing with social media, I’m in my own little world. I think it’s important that parents find something that excites them away from their kids because as much as you love them, there are times when they are going to frustrate you like hell and you need a chill out space.

Some people wind down with a glass of wine, go to the gym or invest their time in a good book.

I love to write.

Sometimes it’s absolutely shockingly bad quality (and still gets published) or I may even consider some of it to be quite the gem. Either way, I’m doing what I love and doing it purely for me.There are some outside pressures and considerations, especially with the need for social media and promotion, but at the core of what I do with Woeful To FroFull and Woeful Writes, this is for me and me alone.

Now I don’t know whether everyone should start a blog but why the hell not? Every point of view can add something to the discussion. You don’t need to be a great writer, you just need to be patient with yourself and write about something that gets you going. It can be anything. But maybe if writing isn’t your thing, you could make a picture heavy blog. Or not blog at all, and just become an avid reader of blogs (which will almost definitely make you want to blog).

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Almost everyone has a social media profile. And while you can sort of blog on social media, I decided very early on that was not for me. Social media provides specially curated snapshots of the existence your willing to let people see. Some posts are so short it doesn’t adequately get the point across. Some are so long you just scroll though with a can’t-be-arsed-to-read-that attitude.

But in a blog, people are expecting to read. It allows you a space to explore and it’s a great way to express yourself. Your blog can be as general as you want or as niche, you can work hard to find followers or hope that they come to you. I do a little bit of both.

Don’t be afraid, once you’ve started, to change. It may be because your followers expect it or because you’ve outgrown why you originally started. Remember, it has to make you happy so you need to do whatever helps you achieve that. And it has to make you happy to have longevity. This is a space you create to be exactly what you want it to be. I started with fiction on this blog alongside it being about hair, skincare and family. I started this blog at a time where I was going through emotional, personal and mental growth and now I am writing pieces that discuss those issues too.

Plus with having two blogs, I’ll always have somewhere to put the inspirational, introspective or just weird and wonderful things that go through my head.

By virtue of being a blogger, you become a part of a community whether you want to or not, whether you’re active in it or not. And if it’s a public blog, anyone can find you. It might be someone that likes what you do or better yet, someone that needs you. Your words have power, even if you are writing something you feel is trivial. So whether you choose to blog, to find something that’s your own, or not, remember that me-time is non-negotiable. No matter how small.

Let’s keep blogging or finding time for ourselves together!

xx Lee xx

Comments welcome.

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