That Blog Life: The Little Moments

I’ve been blogging for 2 and a half years now. There have been ups and downs, times where it even felt like I’d completely forgotten my blog existed. But I’ve persisted. I’ve been blogging long enough now that I’ve seen other blogs slow down or disappear completely. That’s why whenever I notice a little victory, it should be acknowledged, if not celebrated. I’m talking about blog stats – you know, the really fun, interesting bit.

As a blogger, it’s hard to find information on other blogger’s numbers. I’m not being nosey but it would help me gauge how my blog is doing from a numbers perspective. Whether it is successful or fulfilling all of my personal goals is another matter altogether. You can often see how many followers someone has, but this doesn’t indicate active engagement.¬† However, from a purely statistical point of view, I’d like to know how I compare. I can’t find that info so I sometimes get obsessed with my own stats. The WordPress app is pretty good at recording this information, although I’ve read a few articles that state it’s record keeping isn’t always accurate (and it doesn’t quite match my Google Analytics) but I’ll take what I can get.

So onto the little victory I had. I started blogging in November 2016. My first¬† month of blogging gave me a false sense of grandeur – I had a day with 341 views…and it was downhill from there! That means that 2017 was my very first full year of blogging. In that year, this blog had 2,575 views and 1,395 visitors. I had/ have no idea if that was/ is a good or bad number but it felt like something special.

Almost 1,400 people had found my little blog. I had a little blip in the early days of the blog when I realised the theme I was using (how the blog looks) was causing some loading issues and I think I lost quite a lot of traffic to people who couldn’t be bothered to wait for the magic. Once I realised that this was the problem, I obviously fixed it and my views went up. It was a decent year, I didn’t really have anything to compare it to.

As you can see from the poor quality picture above, in 2018 I did a fair bit better. But the little moment that counted passed without me really noticing. Here in 2019, I definitely noticed. On April 17th 2019, I clocked that I’d had more visitors and views than I had in the whole of 2017. In less than four months, I’ve had more engagement than I had in a whole year. A WHOLE YEAR.

I’m impressed even if it’s not impressive. Maybe I don’t have thousands of followers or hundreds of views a day but I’m happy to be transparent about my stats because they are what they are. And it shows my blog’s growing. Every year (of the four calendar years I have on record) has shown growth. I’ve grown and my blog is growing with me. I’m on track to have a crackin’ year and I’m so proud.

The Inspirational Conclusion Bit

If anyone reading this has a blog that they feel is floundering or isn’t doing well…you’re probably doing better than me!! But really, keep going because your numbers could be higher or lower than mine but as long as you or your blog is growing, or if you’re lucky both are, then don’t stop. There’s more to blogging than fancy pictures, there’s more to it than numbers, there’s more to it than money (but if you can get it, I commend you because this sh*t is hard). If you’re doing it right, even if it’s not on a personal subject, you’re putting a little bit of your soul onto the internet with every post. There aren’t any numbers or formulas that can quantify that. Keep living That Blog Life.

Let’s keep growing together!

xx Lee xx

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