Steps To Include In Your Regimen

When I started looking into proper hair care there where so many terms and phrases that I was negligent of. I was way left of a lazy natural and I suppose and I should more accurately be described as a hair deadbeat. All of the different processes and time it may take to carry them out were and still are overwhelming. I’ve talked about a few of these and will be talking about the rest at some point, it’s a lot to learn but at least we can learn together! So for the uninitiated, here are just a few steps for starters –



Condition/ Co-Wash

Deep Condition


Protein Treatment

LOC/ Moisturising

Scalp Exfoliation


Protective Styling/ Twists/ Braids

Perm Rod Sets/ Curlformers

And by the way, that isn’t an exhaustive list. And yes, you do need to do all of these things at some point.

Let’s keep growing together.

xx Lee xx

Comments welcome below. What other steps do you do?

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