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Song Of The Month – May 2018 – On & On By Erykah Badu

I’m just over half way through my headwrapping photo project on Instagram and it’s time for my Song of The Month.  So when it came to a musical artist that inspired me and also I could picture their crowns wrapped in  beautiful fabric, who else other than Erykah Badu. I know these days she is known for flaunting her immense natural hair either loose or threaded up but when I was younger, all I remember where her impossibly high headwraps.

She’s quite an intense human being from interviews I’ve seen and read, she is truly a creative and lives and breathes on a different level. It was hard to pick a song of hers to add to the playlist so I went with an out and out classic. Go find a headwrap, reminisce and chill!

Follow me on YouTube to watch the whole playlist. So here it goes, press play, listen and love it.

Let’s keep growing!

xx Lee xx


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