Song Of The Month – December 2020 – Foundations by Kate Nash


I love this song and I instantly loved the way she sang with her natural accent. I loved the honesty of her songs and that they didn’t follow the formula of what they should sound like. It was more like listening to conversations, the way real people talk.

I always wondered what happened to her and during her publicity for GLOW, I heard how hard she had it early in her career. Unfortunately, it’s not an unusual story but she made some great music back then. Not sure what she’s up to musically right now but this song (and album) is iconic and you should check out GLOW if you haven’t already. If she wasn’t an empowered young woman back then, she’s an empowered grown woman now and I love it.

I would also recommend you check out Newton Faulkner’s cover of this song too – “Oh my fingertips are moulding into the shape of a crustacean…”

Follow me on YouTube to watch the whole playlist. So here it goes, press play, listen and love it.

Let’s keep growing!

xx Lee xx

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