Song Of The Month – May 2021 – The Kids Are Alright by Chloe x Halle

I feel like they’ve been around for years and well they have but this last 18 months has seen the spotlight turned firmly on these talented sisters, Chloe x Halle. Also known as Chloe and Halle Bailey.

Acting, singing, dancing, songwriting, producing, styling, these beautifully loc’d up sisters, Chloe x Halle, do it all. These kids are definitely alright! (I’m sorry for that, truly, Iam!)

I love this song because it’s so simple and complex at the same time – it’s so smooth but there’s layers of interesting harmonies, there’s a great message about “the youth of today” but has you singing along without a care in the world. I feel so old talking about “youths” but that’s what happens when you get past 30, everyone under 30 is a young whippersnapper.

And I have listened to this song a lot. Like did you notice that there is barely any percussion for like the two thirds of the song yet you’re still bopping your head?

Now we all know the name of their famous and successful mentor but honestly these girls stand strong on their own. I am sure they would have found success no matter what because how could you deny this?! I feel very proud of them which is a little weird but what can I say, I am! They don’t sound like everyone else which is quite the feat at the moment. They groove to the beat of their own drum, which they probably play themselves because like I said, they do it all.

Let’s keep listening together! The full playlist on YouTube – here –

xx Lee xx

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