Snapshot & Length Check: 2 Years & 9 Months

So the blog has taken a back seat to my procrastinating ways. I feel like I’m not making much progress but luckily you guys have been sticking with and still reading. I see you in my blog stats! Thank you very much! I haven’t got my newsletter sorted yet (but you can subscribe here, please don’t hold your breath until it comes…). When I finally sort out my newsletter though, it’ll be over for you h***s! Although, I haven’t actually written a post in like a month but thankfully my hair is still growing strong.

I did a length check yesterday and no drawn out build up or drum roll needed – I recorded a length of 20cm in the middle of my head. It’s a slight increase from last time but I’m not worried. I’ve expressed contradicting thoughts in the past that I’m happy with the rate of growth and at other times, I’ve been frustrated with the lack of progress. But I know, I am mostly doing the right things. So the actual length is immaterial.

Crazy how much thicker it looks after the tiniest of trims!

In fact, I did my length check after a small trim because health is more important than length. It didn’t matter how long it was before the trim because those were crappy dead ends that would be doing more harm than good.

And that my friends is growth.


I’ve learnt some things in the last few months that I’d like to share and I would like to remind myself of.

  • Just because your hair is in a protective style…

I’ve noticed that I’ve fallen back into old habits of neglecting my hair when it’s in braided extensions. You get rushed off your feet, distracted, think you can get away with doing nothing.

And that would be just about acceptable if your hair was in braids for a week but who spends hours putting in box braids just to take them out a week later (I know there are people who actually do this and to be fair I put crochet braids in for 3 days once…disaster).

It doesn’t need as much love and attention as your hair does when it’s free flowing but it still needs love.

  • Keep it simple but be consistent

Obviously, I’ve just fessed up to not being consistent but I know it’s vital to have any success with my hair. I am a product junkie, no bones about it. But when I’m not trying every product under the sun, I make sure I pre-poo with Olive Oil, shampoo (occasionally), condition, deep condition, seal in moisture with olive oil on wet/ damp hair and done. Depending what products I have on rotation depends on how much I do, I might add gel, cream, curling cream etc. But whatever you do, keep it simple, don’t stress yourself out. Find a routine that works for you..

  • Finally, don’t give up just because the outlook is bleak


Even when your ends are fried. Even when you’ve been twisting you hair for hours, your tired and feel like you can’t twist no more. And even when you’ve only gained 0.5cm in 3 months. Keep going.  With your hair, with your blog, with your life.


This blog post is a twofer – Length Check and a Snapshot!

I haven’t done a snapshot in a while so I’ll be super quick and just talk about my hair care because my skincare routine is not a thing at the moment but shout out to Sainsbury’s My Skin face wash – review to come soon-ish, meaning like “hopefully” before the end of the year…

Leave-In – Good old H20


Oil – Olive Oil from the kitchen, obvs Extra Virgin

Cream – OGX Quenching Coconut Curls Curling Hair Butter

Pre-poo – Olive Oil (again)

Shampoo – When I use shampoo, Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo

Conditioner – Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Conditioner

Deep ConditionerShea Moisture Treatment Masque, just started using EDEN Bodyworks Jojoba and Monoi Deep Conditioner

I won’t give away too much but I can’t say I’m as impressed with the JBCO range as everyone else seems to be but I’ll give a final verdict if when I get that review done!

Let’s keep doing what we’re doing together!

xx Lee xx

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