End Of The Tube Review: Original Source Skin Quench Body Lotion Pineapple & Moringa Oil

I have dry skin. I have always had dry skin. And I believe that I always will have dry skin. I am on a quest to find products that will help me manage it. I’ve had body lotions that work and I have had some that are absolutely disgraceful. Call yourself a moisturiser, I call you dehydrating body slime!

Now I’ve used Original Source shower gels and fragrance wise they always pack a punch. You asked for a minty wash, you get smacked in the face with mint. In fact, if you’re a guy, I think it does tingly things to your manly regions. Or so I have heard from reliable sources.

I like this brand because they don’t take themselves too seriously. There is fun in their presentation, like this nice little formula on the back.

Thirsty skin (yup) + Original Source Skin Quench Body Lotion (hmmm) = 1 Ready To Go Nourished You (well I’ll be damned). I was impressed. Considering I bought this for a £1 in Savers or a pound shop, I can’t really complain. It’s not that thick and sometimes that is a hallmark of a moisturiser that is about to fail. But smack me down with a feather, it works. My only complaint is the unfortunate aroma.

I thought I loved Pineapple, in fact, it was the main reason I picked this from the shelf over other lotions I had used in the past. You flip the lid and it really has that smell. The ingredients do include “parfum” which means they could have added some extra artificial fragrances to the mix. But something happens when it hits my skin. I guess my natural musk is not a great companion to Pineapple. At least the smell fades in a few minutes so I don’t have to worry about smelling like a piece of gone off fruit.

So why pineapple? Pineapples are high in vitamin C which aids in cell repair, one of the reasons why eating or drinking your 5 a day is so important and why I feel so bad that I hardly ever do. Now according to LiveStrong, drinking pineapple juice  “helps the body synthesise collagen, which helps skin stay firm and flexible.” All good stuff, especially as I get older, I am not in denial that my skin is getting more fragile as I age. Although I could flippantly say “black don’t crack.”

I don’t want to be the one that lets the side down. So I’ll use whatever I can to help what nature supposedly gave me. I’ve heard a few times that even just rubbing a pineapple on your face works wonders for your skin and it’s mentioned in the LiveStrong article (link above) so it must be true. Nice and easy. Sliced Pineapple. I feel it is important to say sliced at this point, just in case.

original source body lotion pineapple moringa oilMoringa oil sounds exotic and it is. Up until I started my healthy hair journey, I hadn’t heard of it. But it’s now on my list of oils to try. And I have but not how I was expecting to. It comes all the way from India originally but I believe the tree it comes from is grown in various places all over the world. Moringa Oil is hailed for its anti-aging effects and its nutrient and mineral rich composition. However, like the Pineapple, it comes quite low on the ingredient list in this lotion.

In fact it comes after two ingredients that I have become very used to, Shea Butter and Coconut Oil which I know are extremely effective in moisturising. Which leads the cynical side of me to think that the Pineapple and Moringa Oil may be a bit of a gimmick, a new and exotic sounding combination of ingredients to draw you in.

And draw me in it did, and I am glad that it did because it works and is great value for money. If only all cheap lotions worked this well. Now I have to admit I haven’t seen it in shops since (I haven’t really been looking though but you wouldn’t think I’d be able to miss this bright banana yellow tube) and even though it says new, it may have not proven popular and  that may be why it ended up in the bargain shop I found it in. But I love when a bargain works in my favour.

Let’s keep growing together!

xx Lee xx

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