End Of Tube Review: Mitchum Deodorant & Antiperspirant

deodorant mitchum antiperspirant reviewI don’t think I smell but I can get paranoid about it. Especially in the summer or on the rare occasion I go out. And I don’t mean out of the house, I mean “out, out!” You want to feel fresh, confident and unworried. I know it’s not as sexy as the newest super face mask doing the rounds on social media or a Northern Lights inspired highlighter but we all sweat. Deal with it!

There are so many things that can go wrong with a deodorant/ antiperspirant. Firstly and most importantly it doesn’t work, leaves white stains over your clothes, doesn’t smell nice or doesn’t last long. Well let’s see how the Mitchum Deodorant did during my vigourous testing (I used it until I finished the thing!)

Does it work? That is an easy one to answer with a big resounding yes! On a clean and freshly washed body this works wonders. It has quite a subtle, pleasant scent. I have noticed that there is the very usual distinctive difference between the “female” and ” male” versions. I like them both but do prefer the lady one. It does leave your underarms feeling quite smooth. That is probably helped by the Vitamin E which is a great emollient.

The reason I was turned onto this in the first place was because I read an article. It was about a girl with severe sweat issues. She talked about how aluminium, and yes it is a-luh-min-ee-um, (sorry I’m British) based products are great for underarms. The aluminium blocks the sweat glands and it does work well. BUT there are some concerns that this is not healthy for your body. The aluminium could be a contributor to cancer, which is scary but not wholly confirmed. There is a great article from Teen Vogue which dispels this concern¬†for some but is not necessarily persuasive enough for everyone. Basically, there isn’t enough medical evidence to say for sure, like a lot of things. And since my second favourite Kardashian has her doubts about their safety, I might need to give this some more thought. I am easily swayed by other people’s opinions…

Does it leave stains on your clothes? I don’t know how many people put their deodorant on before they get dressed versus those that do it after. I am firmly in the apply-before-dressing gang. This means I am at higher risk of getting white marks on my clothes and I would say it is a bit of a culprit for that. It’s natural that your clothes will rub against your underarms while you bring the clothes over your body. It’s very difficult to avoid the transfer of product to clothes and if you’ve been successful doing that, you probably looked like a worm with arms dancing to Stayin’ Alive. However, I haven’t noticed an issue on the inside of my clothes if I apply after (which is the wrong way to do it if you ask me).

How long does it last? That label clearly says 48 hours. Now unless you’re off to Glastonbury Festival or haven’t paid your water bill for about a year, I’m not sure why this would be necessary. And frankly if you’re at a festival, everyone else stinks so no need to worry. I give a big thumbs down to the idea of it lasting 48 hours. I wouldn’t even say it lasts 24 but can definitely get me from my morning shower to bedtime and honestly what else do I need?

So this is overall a positive review because hands down this is the best deodorant I’ve ever used, especially being tested in the extreme British summer. Ok, so maybe not extreme, and honestly, can we really it call it Summer? But it worked when I needed it to, tested on cold days isn’t a real test but on a super hot day, I would trust this product. Now onto the negatives.

mitchum deodorant getting the last bit outIt does leave a bit of a scummy residue on your underarm, if you were to lightly scrape your nails along your skin, a yucky grey substance appears. Now you’re not going to normally be scraping your underarm in this way, I just want to point out that it doesn’t absorb into your skin like liquid roll-ons or sit flat like a spray. The other negative is quite a biggy for me. I like to use a product and squeeze out every last drop. I want to use what I’ve paid for. However, the mechanism you use to push the block of product up doesn’t push it above the rim. I hope you know what I mean and I don’t have to explain why I had to use a spoon on my deodorant! Hopefully my pic makes more sense than I do.

So it’s a yes from me! (Sorry, I wrote this while watching X Factor).

Let’s keep growing together!

xx Lee xx

Comments welcome below! What’s your favourite deodorant or antiperspirant? How do you feel about aluminium based products?

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Please note all opinions are my own and I paid the £1.50 for this myself!

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