Quick Face Mask Update: Coronavirus 😷

So finally, the UK government has come to it’s senses and made wearing face masks mandatory in shops during this coronavirus pandemic. Which means if you don’t have a mask and are struggling to source one, you might have to make one.

I haven’t been in a shop since March without a mask on and have had weird looks and felt self conscious every time. But now we can all be awkward together!

Now if you find yourself in the position where you have to make a mask, please know it isn’t as scary as it seems. If you have a sewing machine, dust it off. If you hand sew, polish your needle? And if you can’t sew, there are masks for you too.
The last mask I made was kind of complicated, I made it with material that was too thick but it looked cute though. This time, I did a different design and it was so much simpler. Like a fabric version of a surgical mask. But don’t forget these are not medical grade masks. They are to stop you spreading more than they are there to stop you catching. They are a courtesy, a sign of respect and currently supported by some scientific evidence (we can debate about that later).

DIY Face Mask: Hobby Lobby

I would definitely give this particular mask a go. And I feel like you’d be able to hand sew it too. The tutorial is super easy and although my mask didn’t come out perfectly, it is more than fit for purpose. And if you’re feeling fancy, you can even put in the filter pocket. I mean, come on and live a little!

After a lot of research of what are the best the materials to use and also what we had available, I decided on cotton pillowcases to create a 2 layer mask. I also got 6 masks out of one pillowcase which is a great use of the fabric. We happen to have a lot of pillowcases that don’t match duvet sets in our house. I never thought they would come in handy but finally my hoarding tendencies bring a win!

Final Thoughts

I’ve tried a few different masks now, homemade, shop bought but this is the most comfortable.

I don’t know if it was because the pillowcase was a bit used so it had been washed a few times and had softened but it feels really good. The ear loops didn’t give me much trouble so the 7 inch elastic suggested worked well for me. However, I wouldn’t mind one of those ear savers like I mentioned in the last post too because they make the masks super comfy and way more secure while saving your ears. And the pleats allow the mask to open up and move with the wearer.

My husband, who is like a foot taller than me and bearded, can wear the exact same mask. I could do with it being slightly smaller but I think that’s because I’m a glasses wearer, rather than it actually being too big.

All in all, a success. Hopefully, we won’t need them in our lives for too long.

Will you give this mask a go? Or any mask at all? Or are you not wearing one?

Quick Update Update: 😷

Seriously, the rules have changed again before I’ve even published this piece! It seems that 3 layers seem to be the way to go but do not worry, we can make our 2 layer masks work. Sew in an additional layer. Make the mask above but instead folding the mask in half, measure enough fabric to enable you to fold it twice, creating three layers. Layer another mask under or over your 2 layer mask. Insert a filter into your 2 layer mask. All your hard work will not go to waste and you’ll be even more ready for when they change the guidance again!

Let’s keep growing (and staying safe) together!

xx Lee xx

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