You Can Learn Almost Everything From Pinterest

I had long blue extensions on the day I got married. I used the full pack of Kanekalon extensions without cutting them so they pretty much touched my bum. That’s what I want my actual hair to be like. I know this journey to tailbone length will be difficult but I really want it! It almost feels silly saying it aloud but I really, really want my own long hair (which I will probably turn blue at some point, weakening and destroying all my hard work blah, blah, blah…but I want it!)

In the preparation to start my journey I discovered Pinterest. Yes, I know, I was late to the party. But how amazing is Pinterest. I thought tumbling down the Youtube black hole was dangerous but Pinterest is seriously addictive. I was talking to my cousin and she was saying how she is always on it. I asked her how many things she’d pinned and it was a couple of hundred. So I felt kind of embarrassed when I shared mine – 2.5k pins. I might just have a twitchy finger and not an actual problem but they are all good pins! I promise.

My Pinterest boards are all over the place, stuff for the home, arts and crafty stuff, skin, make up, writing and hair, oh my god, the hair. I have a hair inspiration board, one for products to make for my hair (and skin) and one for information on how to care for my hair. There is so much information there and it can sometimes be overwhelming but it really is super useful stuff. My ultimate aim is to try loads of hairstyles (when I have enough hair to do something with), learn how to safely colour it, and have hair like all of those inspirational women (and men) out there. I can condense the information for you and let you in on all the good stuff! I want a fro to touch the sky!

I did start pinning all of the beautiful pictures and I often didn’t even read the attached articles, I’m a very visual person, probably why I like watching TV sooo much! I had major hair envy. Though I quickly realised that there is no point pinning pictures of girls with hair that I’ll never have. It’s so easy to find girls with really long wavy, curly hair, beautiful, super glamourous girls. I don’t know how to do glamour (that’s me sort of trying below, ignore the drink), I try but it never quite works. I am a fairly casual girl but 2017 will be the year I learn to contour! What happened to the days when all you needed was a little concealer, foundation, eyeshadow and lipstick? I don’t know and even that seems like a lot. I blinked and everyone looked like Kim Kardashian!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to look a certain way but I would like to apply makeup properly and when I do wear it (which is not very often) I want it to be flawless. Some of my friends get MUAs (make up artists) to do their makeup before they go out and look absolutely amazing, as with most other steps in my life, I want to be able to do it all myself.

Because I am cheap.

And because it is possible and another hobby isn’t going to hurt. I want to be able to maintain my hair, my kid’s hair, our skin, everything. Not to mention I have a daughter who is already showing an interest in make up and has so much hair. I want to help her look and feel great about herself (she’s a little stunner already but I want her to believe it too). I envisage her being my little ally, helping me with her brother’s hair and being a second mummy to them, she’s already got the bossing around part down. And if we must play around with make up, which seems to be her new thing, I don’t want her looking like a Picasso. I want my boys to have beautiful curls and know how to be confident in themselves. So I need information, to be as knowledgeable as I can, for me and for them. Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook etc are all great for that (you’ll find my profiles on all of them btw, follow links below).

It’s more inspirational and realistic to try to find girls with hair that is just like mine and dark-skinned girls doing make up. Contrary to what I previously thought, they aren’t that hard to find. The people I found are beautiful and they are aspirational. If I follow their lead, use my common sense and keep myself educated and updated, there is every chance that good things will happen and those seemingly unattainable goals will be in reach. That means more pinning.

I also didn’t realise that I would be able to get so much help and inspiration with my writing as well. I thought I would have to muddle through that on my own but you can basically learn how to write a novel..for free. I’m sure a paid course would compile all of the information in a more succinct and ordered way but when I do actually go for it and start on that super long journey, I know where I can go for quick and easy help. What the hell did people do before the internet? I guess they just figured it all out by themselves. If free help fails, I have pinned a load of writing courses too, sometimes you do have to actually pay for good advice!

So, I know a lot of women with cupboards full of half used beauty products and they keep on buying them. They call us them “Product Junkies.” I think I am a Pinning Junkie, boards full of things I haven’t tried yet but come have a look at what I like¬† and you may like what you see! And if you find the world-wide web too overwhelming, you can come here where I will dilute it all into my kind of common sense. I’m looking forward to the day when I feel experienced enough to start creating and sharing my own products and ideas. I hope you’ll all stick with me long enough on this journey until I do and like what I’m doing so far. Look at my pins and follow the blog so you don’t have to try everything, I’ll try them for you! We are aiming for success #hairgoals #beautygoals #writinggoals #lifegoals!

Let’s keep growing (and not pinning everything that pops up) together!

xx Lee xx

Comments welcome below. Anyone else have an unhealthy relationship with Pinterest or other websites? You could share with me if you think I can handle one more obsession!

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3 thoughts on “You Can Learn Almost Everything From Pinterest

  1. You are absolutly Amazing. You look great the way you are. People have actually forgotten Who they are. Looking good and learning from others does not hurt. But, these days, almost everyone looks almost the same. I find it totally boring. We are so unique and beaUtiful.

    1. Thank you, really put a smile on my face. I try not to be influenced by changing fashions but there’s no harm in being a bit skilled. Plus, I very rarely even wear make up, my skin is bad enough as it is, I don’t need it clogging up my pores!

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