One Week On, Still Bald…Sort Of

I guess there is no going back now! I’m not sure why it has taken me a week to fully come to that realisation but I’m here now. It’s all still looking a little bare up there but if I run my hand over my head there are short little hairs on every inch of my scalp. You can even see it from a distance. Not too far, maybe about 3 feet but there is definitely something there.

Apparently, hair grows on average 0.5 inches per month and I’m well on my way…I think. I’m not sure how long it has to be to start to regain my curls, coils and kinks but that will be a happy day indeed. In the meantime, I have straight natural hair, that’s a new one.
img_9920I measured my hair before I chopped it all off, it was longest in the front and middle and shortest at the back. I would say that it’s growing back the same way. The back of my head stayed the smoothest for longest. Perhaps I can try and pull off a a subtle natural fade style. One of the rules I’ve given myself in re-growing my hair is that I won’t have any haircuts. Obviously I’ll trim it but this means that I could end up all lopsided. So I’m hoping that the even-ish shape that is emerging remains.

Something I definitely was not expecting was for my head to still feel sore in places after “The Shave”.

When rubbing hair oil on, there’s still discomfort. On a positive note, the razor bumps have mostly gone without any treatment but I find my scalp is itchy a lot. I’ve added tea tree to my own hair oil concoction but I don’t think it’s making a difference other than smelling nice. I’ve washed my hair head twice this week in case it is from product buildup clogging the pores on my scalp but I think it’s something I will just need to deal with. It was an issue I had before, maybe it is linked to the fact that I suffer from dry skin.

I’ll add it to the long list of things I need to remedy about myself.

Isn’t it annoying when you read instructions for shampoo and conditioner and it states to use a £1 coin or dime sized amount? I always laughed to myself. Do they not realise I am a fully grown person and not a Barbie doll? But now that minuscule amount is more than enough. Washing my hair now takes such a short amount of time, I feel obligated to stay and enjoy the rest of my shower for longer.

My husband thinks it’s silly that I’m paying so much attention to my hair as I have so little. But to me, I feel like I need to put good habits in place now. The hair that’s growing out of my head will be the hair I need to care for the longest time as they are essentially going to become the ends. If I neglect this, I scalped myself for no reason. I’m not willing to let that be the case. So if I’m pre-pooing, co-washing, deep conditioning, protein treating my stubble then so be it.

I’ve been blessed with children that often tell me I’m beautiful and it’s definitely something that boosts my confidence. I know they don’t completely understand what this means but it’s very nice to hear it. Either way, I want the compliments to keep coming. My daughter even told me that she can still tell that I’m a girl. Bonus!

I do feel a tad boy-ish. I look at the photos I took this week and I definitely do look it. Maybe not wearing my earrings (or makeup) is working against me a little but you know what, I’m liking how I look even if I “look like a boy”.

I feel like I can see my face better and it turns out I don’t hate it as much as I thought I did. I was possibly being blinded by the issues with my hair not being as in good a condition as it could be and now it’s gone I am actively trying to have a positive outlook, so things just seem better. Now you may look at the same photo and think I’m a hot mess. Luckily, I can not hear you and I think I could fake not caring pretty convincingly.

I have overcome my fear of being seen outside of the house. I proudly flaunt my scalp for the world to see. And I haven’t even really worn a hat. Not because I don’t care about the cold or that I want to exhibit myself but one of the main reasons is that my stubbly hair keeps snagging on anything I put near it. I can even feel my hair poking through my satin headscarf I wear for bed but as the days have passed, fortunately it’s softening.

My first encounter out in the real world resulted in a few questions such as “why?”, “what does your husband think?”, “it’s a bit drastic, isn’t it?” I’ve even been told that I’m really brave for doing this. Brave or stupid are extremely similar in this instance. Anyway, it’s just hair. I really don’t know what I was scared about.

I’ve even had compliments from complete strangers. I can probably count on one hand the number of unsolicited compliments I’ve had in my life when not dolled up for a night out. And even then, not that many have been forthcoming. I bought my glasses a couple of years ago as I thought they were interesting, different, a bit of a statement.

Now that I have no hair, I’ve had 2 people comment on how much of a statement my glasses are in the last week. They have been on my face for years and you didn’t notice before! One of the complimenting strangers went as far to tell me that my hair looked really good, I had a great look and my glasses were really nice. Was she flirting with me? 🤔

If going bald gets people to tell me all the things I want to hear, I may stay this way. Although it would make my goal of super long hair pretty impossible.

Finally, my son told me after looking intensely at my face for a little while that he can still see my eyebrows. Maybe he was complimenting me or more likely, he thought I’d half arsed this whole thing and missed some hair. Knowing him, if he had access to the razor, my brows would be off in my sleep!

It’s been a good week, I hope the progress is as impressive or at least I am as impressed next week.

Let’s keep growing!

xx Lee xx

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2 thoughts on “One Week On, Still Bald…Sort Of

  1. Came across you blog on Instagram. Thank you for documenting your hair journey. I just had a shave a week ago because my hair was unhealthy & I wasn’t trying to waste time cutting it short. Will be keeping an eye on your progress. Happy growing ☺️

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