Liebster Award No. 2

I was shocked when I got a notification in my inbox about someone linking to my blog. And it was because I was a Liebster Award Nominee. That meant that someone had not only noticed my blog, but they liked it. And that was all I ever really wanted. When people say things like “if I’m able to reach just one person” it really is enough. It gives a great feeling of satisfaction. It let’s you know that this isn’t for nothing. Just one is enough. But to be a nominee again is just pretty damn awesome!

My first nominator (is that a word?!) was YorEngMama and I was so jazzed at the time. This time round, I have been honoured by Josephine Grant (please go check her out).  The Liebster Award nomination is a way for people to find bloggers, basically give someone a shout out, find out a bit about them and discover a new blog, a new perspective on life. It’s all about positivity. And honestly that’s what I need now. I’ve missed a few of my own self-imposed blog deadlines due to life commitments but this is the little bit of reinvigoration I need…right before I take a pre-scheduled break at the end of this month.

I love blogging and I seemed to have lost my way a little bit but I keep coming back to it. It makes me happy. Focuses my mind. Gives me something more productive than just sitting and watching TV. I now blog, sit and watch TV! And I hope I’m putting something that means something to someone out in the world. I’d like to think this blog is mildly enjoyable and if you don’t like this, check out my other blog, Woeful Writes…didn’t I mention, I’m a girl with many blogs. Well two.

Anyhoo, let’s get to it.

The Liebster Award works in 7 simple steps

  1. Display the award on your blog
  2. Thank the person who nominated you and put their link on your blog
  3. Write a small post about what makes you passionate about blog posting
  4. Provide 10 random facts about yourself
  5. Answer all 11 questions that the blogger gave you
  6. Nominate 5-11 other bloggers for this award and notify them of this
  7. Give the nominees 11 questions to answer

My 10 Random Facts

  • I have had 2 home births and one almost in a lift, it was pretty close.
  • I like crafting but struggle to find the time.
  • I learnt how to cornrow from YouTube a couple of years ago. Turns out it is not a skill we are all born with!
  • Each of my children have middle names named after family members.
  • I have worked in the same job for 10 years, 10 whole years of my short life!
  • I have a ridiculously sweet tooth.
  • Carrying on from the last point, I make an awesome Carrot Cake every time we have parties even though I don’t like Carrot Cake. Here’s the recipe from Shugary Sweets. Unfortunately, I can’t claim it as my creation.
  • I played piano when I was younger, my favourite song to attempt to play was Nothin’ Else by Justin Timberlake from his debut album Justified. I’m very much out of practice these days. Can still rock my scales though, C Major is my jam!
  • I may not have seen Beyoncé at Coachella but I did get to see her iconic Glastonbury set, obviously her best performance ever. Obviously…
Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter. The Queen.


  • I hate mice. It’s not their fault but they’re just kind of gross.

My Questions from Josephine Grant

  • If you could have one superpower, which one would choose?

I think this answer changes every single time someone asks me but right now I would say super intelligence. I want to be able to solve problems and foresee all the different outcomes of every scenario (I’ve just finished watching The Flash Season 4, I basically want to be The Thinker but without the evil intent!)

  • Do you text more or call more? Why?

I prefer to text. I’ve never liked talking to people on the phone, I’m not sure where it comes from. But basically I have worked in 2 call centres and now have a phone heavy office job so I basically have ignored what I don’t like and force myself to do it every day.

  • If you were arrested with no explanation, what would your friends and family assume you had done?

Eaten all the pies! I honestly don’t know but I think they would think I’d been involved in something nefarious. It’s always the quiet ones!!!

  • What is your zodiac sign?

Sagittarius but I don’t really hold too much stock in star signs I’m afraid.

  • What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever worn?

I had a very matchy matchy phase, that’s all I’m going to say.

  • What’s the most ridiculous fact you know?

I know I must know some ridiculous facts but trying to think of it now is actually a kind of torture because I can only think of run of the mill stuff. However, I do hold onto a hell of a lot of TV trivia that literally no one needs to know except when you’re doing a pub quiz. Then I’m your girl.

  • What was your favourite TV show growing up?

Entertainment Weekly

I am a bit of  TV freak, I watch A LOT. But I have to give it up for Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I loved that show, Joss Whedon is a freaking legend. And I think so many shows have stolen his style (not saying he is 100% unique) but I think the way he mixed drama, angst, humour and pop culture references has never been matched.

  • Where do you find meaning in your life?

In my kids and husband. I would say that we live quite an isolated life, based on where we live, the hours we work, having 3 kids. We don’t really have the time for anyone else like we would like so it’s good that we all get on so well. It’s not perfect but when I’m at home, I really feel at home. It’s just where I want to be and I wish I could be more.

  • What’s your favourite way to waste time?

At the moment, I am a little bit obsessed with Disney Emoji Blitz. It is the Candy Crush of our times. Haha, I get addicted to these games from time to time, this shall pass…eventually. However, I’m on quite the streak!

  • What is something that is popular now that annoys you?

Weird makeup trends that literally have no purpose. Nobody is leaving their house with wiggly brows. Just stop.

  • What’s your favourite season? Why?

Summer if it’s not too hot and Winter if it’s not too cold.


I’m not sure if that gives you any insight into my little mind but I hope it was mildly entertaining.

This is more for you guys to check out some of my favourite fellow bloggers than force the bloggers to partake but it would be great if they did, so I nominate

  1. Olena Rosanne
  2. Bumas Closet
  4. Too.And.A.Lee
  5. KinkChic

For my nominees, please refer to the 7 simple steps above and answer the following 11 questions.

My Questions To You

  1. Where in the world would you like to go if money was no object?
  2. How many jobs have you had?
  3. What is your dream job?
  4. What makes you truly happy?
  5. What item have you lost that you wish would appear right now?
  6. Do you play an instrument and if so, what?
  7. What is your oldest childhood memory?
  8. What car do you drive? If you don’t have one, what do you wish you could drive?
  9. How do you like to relax?
  10. What can you see out of your nearest window?
  11. Do you like filling out questionnaires?!!!

Can’t wait to see your responses!


And again, thank you to Josephine Grant. Here’s a link to her About Me page so you can find out more about her. How handy is that?!

Let’s keep supporting each other! I love this blogging community!

xx Lee xx



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