Length Check: 3 Years 9 Months

As I said on Instagram, I look tired in this photo but this is with a filter on. With a filter on, ladies and gentlemen! This is real life and real life is under eye bags, dull skin and a general sense of malaise. But ooo, doesn’t my hair look good!

It feels like only yesterday since my last length check because time in The Time of Corona is an enigmatic and mysterious beast that likes to play silly games with you. So it feels like it could have been yesterday, it could have actually been yesterday, like, the dates keep changing on my phone but I’m not sure that I believe them completely.

So my hair looks super thick and full in this picture, well I think it does. I haven’t fluffed it out in a while. Surprised me, my husband and the kids. It’s like all the hard work is starting to pay off, this hair has been on my head for a while and I see it everyday but I don’t see it like this. In all it’s glory. My beautiful, large, gravity defying cloud. My Black Cloud.

The Black Cloud

We’re workshopping names. We can’t all have cool names for our hair like Fluff Nugget!

The Black Cloud. At first I didn’t like it because of the negative connotations associated with it. But facts are facts. It is black and it is fluffy like a cloud. It’s as temperamental and as changeable as the weather. So…we’re considering it. It’d be better if I could ask Cisco Ramirez for a name (sorry, if you don’t get it, it’s a Flash reference).

But when I took the other photos with the lights on, you could see right through the ends of my hair. I’m not sure when my last actual trim was. The last time I recorded it was March 2019 which can’t be true but maybe it is! I gave myself a little trim mid-July to sort of even out some of the wispiness and my hair looks better and detangling is a tad sweet easier. I hate trims but I also always forget how good my hair feels afterwards. Your hair is all dead after all, you’re just letting go of dead-er ends.

Here is a little snapshot of what I’ve been using but also recently, my diet has changed which can obviously help with hair growth. Less sugar, more veg, less meat, no cheese, no dairy at all, more water, all the good stuff. All the good stuff I’ve been promising that I would do for the last almost 4 years. I’m not expecting an immediate difference, probably due to all the sweets, bits of the kids dinner and random mouthfuls of crap I keep snaffling on the low, but eventually, I hope these changes will aid in my hair health and growth. And general health and growth too.

And as health is the most important part of the journey for me now, *repeats the mantra – health over length, health over length*, I’ve recently been thinking about whether I should be actually measuring my hair. The actual inches don’t matter. Maybe comparison photos would be better and the physical length will be whatever it will be. But then I think, shrinkage. Shrinkage hides the truth and the only real way is to know the inches. I won’t obsess over them because they take their time to get here. So because it isn’t that important or the focus, I’ll just leave that little tidbit of info right here at the end of this post and see you next time folks.

30cm (not bad!)

Let’s keep growing together!

xx Lee xx

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