Hello 2017

I don’t hate everything! I just really like this shirt my sister got me for Christmas and wanted to share. I actually think 2017 will be a good year personally and I hope the global mess that was 2016 will start to resolve itself, I’m not naming any names but it might rhyme with frump and grexit…

Nearing the end of 2016 I decided to make some changes in my life. Not massive changes like quitting my job to go travelling and be a free spirit but fairly big ones like shaving all my hair off and starting a blog. I know that if I take little steps, one day I’ll turn around and see how far I’ve come, so here’s to the little steps ?. There will be no mention of New Years resolutions here.

I almost feel like I have no choice but to look after my hair, almost obligated due to starting this site and making such a big deal about it. I hope that I don’t fall into old habits and so far, so good. May I gain at least 4 inches of hair this year, that’s a not a lot to ask but with the rate of growth so far, is it actually achievable? I don’t know but I hope!

My weight is sliding upwards ever so slightly but I’ve realised that giving myself huge weight loss goals and putting pressure on are pointless. I’ve started setting daily goals instead and if I fail on that day, it’s only one day and I can try and be better tomorrow. And there are a lot of tomorrows to get it right.

Something that has been bugging me is my kids hair. I’ll go through days of being really careful and caring and then days of complete neglect. I don’t mean to but that’s a lot of hair to look after that isn’t mine and on little people who are able to run away. You try detangling a moving target! I definitely want to get a nice simple routine going for them. Their hair is gorgeous already but imagine what could be achieved with consistent healthy hair habits.

I’ve been writing a couple of blog posts a week and want to keep this up. I want to write more fiction and hope that by the end of the year that I am in a position to start writing a novel, maybe a novella, ok maybe just a short story. No, a novel. I can do that. It’s not like I have 3 young children, a full time job, housework, homework etc to contend with. Who needs sleep? And to start a novel just needs one word, then another and another. Little steps to a larger goal, one word into one hundred thousand.

So I go into 2017 feeling hopeful, positive and excited to see what I can achieve, as long as it’s better than 2016, it’s a win!

Happy new year and lets have a great one! Let’s keep growing together!

Xx Lee xx

Comments welcome below. What are your personal 2017 goals?

3 thoughts on “Hello 2017

    1. Eating healthy is always one of my goals and by February I’ve failed. I hope a day by day approach works for me. Good luck to you and here’s to 2017, the year we succeed!

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