Goodbye Woeful to FroFull, Hello Woeful Writes

You’ll now find all my fiction writing on Woeful Writes because one blog isn’t enough for this gal. Actually, I’m a little overwhelmed with the idea of having to fill 2 blogs with content but hey ho, what else am I doing with my time. When I say “have to” I know I don’t have to but I feel like if I am taking up space on the web I might as well use it. What’s the point of an empty blog?

The first few posts are being transplanted from blog posts I’ve already written here but brand new content will arrive in the next couple of weeks and months. You can follow that link above to the blog or you can follow me on Twitter or Instagram where I will be writing write-y things also!

Let’s keep giving ourselves more than we can handle!

xx Lee/ woeful writes xx

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