Yeesh! That’s one hell of a close up of my face. Don’t mind my unkempt eyebrows. I’m possibly growing them out or I’m just lazy and I haven’t fixed them yet, I haven’t decided. Anyway, I was feeling quite anxious about how to start this post and how to represent the problems I feel that I have. So to illustrate it to you I have to show you something that causes me daily angst. My face. My make-up free, whole screen, no filter face. I do posts pics with no make-up on but damn that is close up!

They say to love the skin you’re in. To put on your game face. To put on a brave face. But what if you struggle to like your face? To be completely clear, I don’t think I’m ugly, your opinion may differ. I definitely think I am someone who is improved by a bit of makeup. Maybe I’m not very photogenic and straight on may not be my most flattering angle. I’m a 30 degrees to the right kind of girl.

But my major issue with my face is my skin. Something that everyone sees everyday, something that stops me feeling as confident as I want to be. I know if I feel make-up makes me look better that I could wear it everyday. However, knowing my skin the way I do, that would be counter productive. I don’t need anything that is going to make my skin worse than it is by clogging up all my pores.

Now when I was a teenager I struggled with almost constant breakouts and even when that stopped being a big deal, my face was left scarred. I did go to the GP at the height of my skin’s teenage backlash and went on one course of acne medicine but for some reason it didn’t last, maybe it didn’t work but unfortunately I don’t remember because I’m so old now and it was so long ago. Anyway, when I run my hands over my face these days I would say it is feeling pretty smooth except for a couple of raised scars but these are better days.

In order to stop whining about this for the rest of my life, part of my healthy life journey is about fixing my face. I suppose “fixing” isn’t the most accurate word perhaps “improving” is better. I’m sure that there are drastic things I could do. Acid peels, vampire blood therapy, face transplant but I think it may be best to start small (and cheap).

Drinking water is good for your skin. I have a hard time drinking enough water. I always have. For some people choosing water as a drink is an issue, it’s not that, it’s just getting the right amount inside me without feeling like I need the loo all day! I can drink about 1 litre no problem but anymore and I’m done. I know it’s important as your body is mostly water, it helps your skin, your hair, digestion, cleansing the body of toxins yadda, yadda, blah. It’s good for you, I get it but I still struggle to drink it.

Same thing happens with my weight, I know what I am supposed to do but I can’t don’t do it. However, I did recently read a great tip which is to take a drink up to bed with you to drink in the night but if you don’t drink it, finish it when you wake up. Two days into trying it, I would say it’s a great tip. How long I can keep it up is another matter all together. So that’s one of my skin issues being addressed.

Now I know I can’t do all I need to with drinking water so what else can I do to help my skin? I’ve stopped and started with this so many times but now I am making a proper go of it. What is it I am talking about?

Cleanse. Tone. Moisturise. Repeat.

I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve started a skin care regime. I buy a cleanser, a toner and a lotion and I have no reason why! Because someone said that’s what I should do? Well what do they know? But I thought I’d give it one more try as now I am committed to my hair, I will try to be committed to do this too. It only takes a few minutes each night and I can just add it to my “time for bed” routine.

So far I have been diligently doing this since the end of January and to my defence I have missed less than two handfuls of days which is beyond impressive for me. Do I think it’s making a difference? Well I will reserve judgement until I finish the products I’m using. I’ve decided to try to use all products from the same range and chose the Boots Botanics range – cleanser, toner, moisturiser, face wash and face scrub. I’ve also got a Boots Tea Tree Night Gel which I’ve had for ages and I just want it used up. Now seems as good a time as any.

To top it off, I’ve been giving myself a nice relaxing end to my week by having a face mask to wear/model/adorn my face. It’s not a lot of time, maybe 15-30 minutes while they dry but there isn’t much else you can do except relax, sit and crack/peel/ dry, think positive skin rejuvenating thoughts. And can I just say, I love a peel off mask. There’s something very satisfying about it, you feel like you’ve got something done.

I had a small setback when I got a spot and had a complete freak out. Why am I doing this? What’s the point? It doesn’t work, just give up now. The routine duly went out the window for a couple of days but then I realised spots happen! My skin will never be perfect I just need to be positive going forward. Be consistent. And not care! I might always have these scars. I may never stop myself from having breakouts. BUT at least I’m trying something and I feel good about it.

Next thing for my skin will be to get rid of the bags and darkness under my eyes. My goodness, I look tired! Oh and I suppose sort out them brows.

Anyway, let’s keep growing together!

xx Lee xx

Comments welcome below. What’s your skin care regimen? What insecurities do you have with your skin?

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