End Of The Tub Review: SheaMoisture Superfruit 10-In-1 Renewal System Conditioner and Hair Masque

As we all know, SheaMoisture is one of the largest natural hair care brands in the world even after their recent marketing missteps. If you cannot be bothered to read ingredients lists or are just looking for a brand that is more likely than not suitable for a healthy hair journey then I would say they are a good place to start. I know there is talk that some of their formulations have been watered down and altered but they do promise to not contain sulphates, parabens, mineral oil, paraffin and some of the other healthy hair care big bads.

When I decided that I was going to shave my head off, I knew on my journey to tailbone length that I would be using some of their products but narrowing down which ones is almost impossible. Where do you start? It makes me wonder whether a brand can be too big or too diverse.

Anyway, the choice was taken out of my hands. At Christmas, my Mum and sister asked what I wanted and I said anything SheaMoisture. I think I may have said conditioners and co-washes but beyond that, I wouldn’t have even known what to suggest. They got me the Conditioner and Hair Masque from the Superfruit Complex range. I can’t say I was disappointed.

The two hero ingredients of this range are Marula Oil and Biotin. I’ve steered clear of Biotin infused products or supplements because even though it thickens and strengthens the hair (and nails) it can also increase skin breakouts. I’m not sure if it being on the skin is the same as being ingested but I can’t say my skin seems worse for using it, thankfully. That concern would seemingly be balanced out (if it is truly a genuine concern) by the Marula Oil which is actually an acne fighter due to its anti-microbial properties.

The Marula Oil according to the packaging “contains natural peptides that help support hair’s elasticity.” I also found that it is great for deep conditioning which makes sense in a conditioner and deep conditioner (duh!) along with a few other beauty benefits. Again as you may have noticed me mention before I have a list of products and ingredients to test out and this oil is on my list of stuff to buy and try. so it would be interesting using it in its solo form.

Along with those 2 ingredients is the Superfruit Complex which is apparently made up of “Red Raspberry Ketones, Goji, Acai and Guava extracts rich in anti-ageing antioxidants.” I love when your hair and skin care sounds like a fruit smoothie!

I conducted my obligatory fragrance test and I was not loving the smell, its not bad, I just couldn’t describe it. So it didn’t fail, it just didn’t wow me. The Hair Masque has this super thick consistency. For me, this is what I want to see in a deep conditioner. It might be a psychological thing, but the thicker it is, the better I think it will be. While it was in, I could feel my curls clump and this was the product that I was using when I think I started to realise that I do have a curl pattern. It may not be big loose curls but it also isn’t random kinky strands as I had convinced myself it was. As the product sat on my hair, I could feel those tiny curls separate and define.

This product has 10 benefits (I guess that’s the 10-in1 bit) according to the packaging and SheaMoisture website  which are that “it treats damaged hair while providing anti-ageing benefits, colour protection, hydration, nourishment, rejuvenation, strength, anti-stress, deep conditioning, softness and shine.” I wasn’t too concerned about it helping with damaged hair because my hair is in great condition if I do say so myself. Obviously, I am not colouring my hair (yet) but all of the other properties would be of benefit to everyone.

There are two ways of using the product, either just leaving it on for 5 minutes in clean, wet hair or for  a “deep penetrating treatment” under a plastic cap for 30 minutes with heat. As I don’t have a hair steamer or thermal cap, I tend to put on the plastic cap and then a woolly hat over that for about an hour if not overnight. This was how I used it for every single use except the last time when I was rushed for time.

I wanted to deep condition but knew I wouldn’t have the chance to get back in the shower later in the day to wash it out so did the 5 minute treatment instead. And wouldn’t you know it, I think my hair responded better to that. It didn’t have time to go all mushy which is what temporarily happens when it is left in for longer but my hair felt light, fluffy and ready for LOCing to seal in all that extra moisture gained. I’ve also noticed that my head itched a little after being in for 30 minutes or more but this didn’t happen with the shorter time frame.

Now to the conditioner. Although it works and I would use it again, it’s a little bit weird. I can see that I’ve squirted a substantial amount in my hand, I run it through my hair and it literally dissolves. It just feels like there is nothing there. I haven’t decided whether this is a good or bad thing yet. It does moisturise and clean my hair but I’m not entirely convinced that it truly exists, it’s bizarre! No matter how much you put in.

It has the same 10 benefits as the hair masque above. They are very similar except that the Hair Masque is substantially thicker and it stays on for longer. As I’ve finished the Hair Masque but not the conditioner, I am tempted to add the conditioner to my leave in spray to get it used up so I can start a new range in my hair but also because I think it will be suited as a leave-in as it’s so light.

I like them both but I will admit that I don’t love them. I think getting through the SheaMoisture range in its entirety will be a mission that I am not sure I am up to but this is a good positive start.

Let’s keep reviewing together!

xx Lee xx

Please note all comments are my own and I have not been paid/ sponsored /gifted with products for this review.

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