End Of Sachet Review: 7th Heaven Argan Oil Mud

So Sunday treat again. Face mask time!!

This one had a bit of an odd smell to me. Maybe it was the Argan Oil but I wasn’t feeling it. It dried really quickly which was great because I wanted it off. It did tighten very quickly and I find that these creamy type masks do seem to do that, the ones from this range anyway.

Argan Oil is great for softening skin and has a lot of Vitamin E in which is great for moisturising, I definitely need that. I have tried it in my hair but I don’t think I’ve ever used pure Argan Oil. I do like it as an oil as it is quite thin and provides some slip when detangling but we’re talking about my face now!

Now the ingredient that did intrigue me was the Acai Berry. I have always thought this is just something that goes into smoothies and I don’t think I have ever seen it in a skincare product before. That could be my relative naiveté about these things. Turns out it’s great for anti-ageing worry worts which I think I am on the cusp of becoming. I did always say to myself that I would start using anti-ageing products as soon as I turned 30. I am now 31 and I haven’t and unfortunately I wouldn’t put this on my list for  now. But I need to start using something before I prematurely look like I’m 32.

As I washed it off, I noticed that it did take quite an effort to get off. I possibly let it dry too much because it felt like it took forever to get back to just plain old me. I kept looking up at the mirror from the sink, frustrated that there was still some on there. I was a little worried that I might get stuck looking like the picture above!

So overall, I would personally give this a miss when it comes to using again but the ingredients are amazing so maybe it’ll work for you.

Let’s keep growing together!

xx Lee xx

Comments welcome below. Have you used Argan Oil or Acai Berry on your skin before?

Please note all comments are my own and I have not been paid/ sponsored /gifted with products for this review.

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