Brands I Would Love To Try (Pt. 2)

It’s occurred to me that this post is being scheduled so close to Christmas, so any family or friends if you’re reading this, I will still accept new products as presents.

If you’re just joining me now, I’m on a new product ban. I can use what I’ve got in my cupboards but when it comes to re-stocking, I can only buy products I’ve liked in the past, if I need to buy anything at all. The new mantra is “consistency is key.” As much as I love experimenting and trying out new things, I’m not sure it’s in the best interests of my hair or pocket to carry on buying new stuff like I’ve been doing over the last 4-5 years.

My cupboards are pretty full, maybe I should challenge myself to not buy anything new at all in 2021…🙅🏾‍♀️ No, no, that’s crazy and just going way too far!
In Part 1, I talked about wanting to try Curlsmith, Gina Knight Hair Care, Dizziak, Trepadora and Almocado. All pretty awesome brands that you should learn a little bit more about if you can! In fact my last post is a great place to start!

Looking back, I notice I’ve complained/ mentioned products seeming too expensive. My top end of comfort is about £15 per product so of course a lot of these products are expensive to me. But I understand why – independent retailers sourcing ingredients and not getting the same discounts huge conglomerates get, making by hand or to order, packaging etc. I get it… doesn’t mean I like it and won’t continue to moan about it! And I actually have bought quite a few products that go way out of my comfort zone!

Obviously, as I’m a product junkie (or at least trying to be a reformed one), I couldn’t talk about the Brands I Would Love To Try in one post. I just couldn’t make it happen, so here are some more:

Organi Grow Hair Co

I came to know of Organi Grow Hair Co through it’s founder KayCola who I follow on IG. I’m not sure how I came across her but I’m glad I did. Something that’s always impressed me with this brand is the customer testimonials. There are a lot! And it looks like lots of people are genuinely getting great length increases from the products. Now as length is no longer one of my top priorities it may seem odd that I’m attracted to this brand but you can only really get good length retention if your hair is healthy.

It’s a very clean brand in the sense that it’s plant based and natural. I’d really love to try the Growash Conditioning Co-Wash with Chebe and Muru Muru and the Vegan Grogurt with Chebe and Black Seed Oil. Mainly because I’m really interested in integrating Chebe into my hair care routine due to it’s proven length retention and curl definition properties.

Also there is a Skin and Lifestyle brand under the same umbrella which could be very interesting.

Function Of Beauty

Image: Function Of Beauty

Who doesn’t want to be able to customise every aspect of their hair care to their specific requirements? What, it has never occurred to you? To be fair, it’d never really occurred to me either. I thought I’ll just keep searching until I find the perfect products…but what if I could make them? Or at least get them made. How’s about that?

And Function Of Beauty make it so simple, like they say – “Your hair/ body type. Your color. Your fragrance.You name it (literally).”

For your hair, they ask a few questions about your hair’s structure, followed by what’s important to you i.e. anti-frizz, lengthening, deep conditioning etc. You have the option of requesting silicone free which may or may not be important to you, curly girl method follower or not.

There are 6 fragrance options including fragrance free (two options are 100% natural) and you can pick the strength of the fragrance too. I think that’s a really good customisation, me personally, I’m going for strong every time!

Then you get to name your formula whatever you want – “function of…” and pick your own colour too. Purple all the way! There are a few size combos available but with the way I use shampoo, I’d go for the 8oz shampoo and 16oz conditioner and that would cost me the princely sum of £34. Which when I come to think of it isn’t too bad. £15 is the highest price I feel comfortable paying (of course I’ll go higher but it won’t feel good 😂) but it has that great “customisable” element to it so you’d expect it to be much more, but it’s not. 🤔

And finally you get to add a custom mask, leave-in and serum if you want. To take the customisable part just a tad further, you can customise your subscription options (every 1, 3, or 6 months or a one off). As a one off order the shampoo, conditioner, leave in, mask and serum would cost me £96. It gets cheaper as a subscription. The more I write and read about it, the more and more reasonable it seems!


I’m not sold on the name but I’m wholly sold on the concept of Bread. It’s a brand created with the wash day of a lazy natural in mind. It’s a simple take on haircare and they are currently only doing a wash, a mask and an oil. That’s literally it. It’s definitely the mask for me though.

Plus something I absolutely love this brand for already is they don’t care about frizz or edges or taming or calling your hair unruly. They really want you to embrace your hair for what it is and as a brand that’s different and amazing. And I love it!

And finally…Etsy?

I was looking for oils or something and came across loads of sellers with small independent haircare brands. The sort I love – natural, non-toxic, few ingredients, ingredients I understand and can pronounce (for the most part).

Isn’t there something just special about buying something handmade in small batches from someone who knows what they’re doing rather than you fumbling round with a DIY? And I love DIYs.

I’ve definitely found a few UK based sellers (international postage on Etsy is steep!) that definitely seem worth giving a go!

((And actually finally) (Non hair care related))…Lucy and Yak

It’s not hair but I love Lucy & Yak. It’s ethical, sustainable, socially minded and top of that, they have a fairly big range of clothes but mostly cute dungarees and pants which seem to be exactly my style – created for comfort. I. WILL. OWN. A. PAIR!

So What Really Happens In 2022?

After I come out of my no new product hibernation, I buy all of the above products and some dungarees to boot. Honestly, I don’t know what’ll happen. Perhaps, like I said earlier, I won’t feel the need to buy all new stuff. I’ll stick with my old faithfuls. Wouldn’t that be something?! But come 2022, I’ve got a sneaky feeling, I’ll be buying a thing or two or three from the above list 😊

Let’s keep growing together!

xx Lee xx

PS – I’ve started buying a lot of products from Kiyo Beauty so hit the link if you want reasonably priced hair products and an amazing selection too. This gets you £10 off your first order if you spend over £40 and I get 500 loyalty points, so you’re helping a sister out as well as yourself! – click here to explore!

Please note this is not sponsored or an affiliate link, I just want some MFing points. And it’s to share with friends and if you’ve made it this far, were friends, right?

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