My 250th Post!!!!

Let’s celebrate this momentous occasion with a #ThrowbackThursday, a way-back way back! When I still went out and celebrated…anything! Here’s to me! 🥂 This is my 250th post. And since that is a lot of blogging, I should probably fill this post with something of substance and talk about the future of the blog but honestly, I’m kind of shocked I’m still doing this so yay!!! Here’s to 250 more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I am completely aware I am overusing exclamation points!) Let’s keep blogging (and ignoring the fact that people consume video more readily than text so this blog is kind of…

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Progress Check – October 2018

It’s been over a year since my last formal Progress Check. And I think I’ve made a lot of progress and positive changes. I think this blog is doing it’s job, so overall, I’m happy!


I Think I Am My (Synthetic) Hair…

Compliments are like a drug. I would say that I don’t get that many compliments but it’s more likely that I don’t hear them when I get them. But I definitely heard them when I had this purple hair.