Product Mash Ups (Pt.2)

Hopefully you’ve found yourself here from Part 1, if not, head on back! To recap, I like to mash up products that aren’t working for me. Or that I just want to get rid of but feel they need a little extra oomph from products I actually like. And that’s how I ended up mixing up these random things.


Product Mash Ups

What is a product mashup? I hear you ask. Well, it’s what happens when I get bored. Basically when I don’t like a product, I won’t throw it away because I am my father’s daughter. I don’t know if it’s a Nigerian thing, a Dad thing or just how he is but he keeps everything. Broken things, things we don’t need, things we don’t want. He keeps it all on the promise that it will come in handy one day. But I’ve broken some of that generational tradition. Unlike my Dad I do actually find a time for it to…

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