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Think Of The Children(‘s Hair)…Part 2

In part one, I talked through what I think I should be doing for my kid’s hair up until the washing stage and now I’ll continue with the odyssey that is talking through and typing out notes on a healthy hair journey. I may repeat myself from last time but it’s late and I’m a novice at blog writing so cut me some slack 🙂

For some hair types, the hair needs to be washed everyday, well I feel lucky that isn’t me because my hair needs a lot of moisture so washing with shampoo is the last thing I want to do regularly. Natural Hair Kids suggests shampooing a child’s hair every 2 weeks but I think weekly is about right for my kids, but mainly with conditioner. I wish I could leave it for 2 weeks as wash day for 3 sprogs is a long and often demoralising endeavour. However, after the weekly detangling debacle, you can see it’s worth it when their curls pop or it’s gone in a protective style and you know you won’t need to do more than spritz for a few days. It’s bliss!

So I’ve mentioned my new-found love of deep conditioning several times which I need to review because my hair has been feeling a little dry of late, this winter weather is killing me. But I have never deep conditioned my kid’s hair.  With the Palmer’s Co-Wash it says to leave it on longer to get the full effect of deep conditioning but I’m not convinced it works for their hair in this way. I do think that in all its other claims it’s pretty successful but their hair in no way feels as soft as mine does after a good deep condish.

Natural Hair Kids suggests that you can interchange deep conditioner with normal conditioner by leaving it on for longer and if I’m pushed for time that’s what I do. But Wash Day or any other time doing the kid’s hair doesn’t go smoothly when I’m rushing so you just somehow have to make the time to do it right or you don’t do it. Easier said than done though especially now I’m back at work.

Luckily we’re only looking at 1-2 times a months instead of weekly which is what I do. My only concern is the in-out the bath situation, so I need to be able to wash them and their hair AND put the DC in without the kids feeling like a wet yo-yo. Maybe I could do the main wash on Saturday like normal and do the DC Sunday morning. Warm it up, put it on,  give them their breakfast after their weekend lie in, put them in the bath, wash it out, go on with our day. The other option is to wash at night but I don’t like to wash their hair in the evening to avoid going to bed damp. I don’t want to give them another reason to whine. For example, I heard my daughter having a go at her brother in the bath one day for getting her wet. In the bath. THE BATH.

After the bath we LOC. I discovered the LOC Method recently which is a process of layering on a liquid (e.g. water and aloe vera juice), an oil (grapeseed and almond oil) and a Cream (or butter, I use Shea) to effectively moisturise your hair and this is something that does not change between kids and adults but when I am rushed off my feet I have been using  Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey (smells delish!). I am still trying to get the right order of LOC or LCO or LOCO (and yes it is driving me a little loco). After you’ve moisturised those beautiful curls, you hide them away in a “protective style” so you don’t have to detangle everyday and ain’t nobody got time for that but I have to make sure to switch up the styles and placement of braids and pony tails to save the kid’s edges. This is very important, it was a large contributor to me big chopping, and especially with my middle son who seems to have a very thin hair-line as it is. I am not sure if I need to be taking proactive steps to thicken it up (scalp massage, Jamaican Black Castor Oil etc.) or if that is just the way his hair is. I have only recently started braiding his hair and tying it up and it was thin way before that so I try to make sure the styles aren’t too tight and his hair is not dry when I touch it. I recently switched up the L in his LOC and his curls responded so well (I added glycerin to the party), beautifully little defined waves ave appeared so I need to make sure to preserve his fabulous not-so-little fro.

The second to last thing to consider is trimming, I know this has been a long read people (if you’ve just read part 1) but we’re almost there! Now I know my kids are just about ready for a trim and I am deciding whether to go on a trimming schedule (every 12 weeks or so) or whether I need to be like a ninja getting in there at the first sign of damage and stealthily destroying it. We will play that one by ear but trims will happen. This goes for me too but I don’t expect to have to trim for at least 6 months. Now Natural Hair Kids mentions needing to trim when there are hair balls at the end of the kid’s hair. My kid’s hair always gets like this with loads of fluff in there and I googled it a while ago and couldn’t find anyone else experiencing that problem so I am relieved it is not just me and my freaky kids! The stuff they seem to pick up! It would not surprise me if I started finding toys in there as their hair grows.

Where have all your Hot Wheels cars gone, Son? I would ask one day.

He shakes his head and cars clatter to the floor, coming out of his fro, like a lost Amazon tribe out of the jungle.

So we trim to get rid of the dead, damaged hair that holds your hair back from growing healthy. There are so many variations on what length to trim, some say that it is about half an inch to three-quarters of an inch every few months but I don’t think you can be so prescriptive about it. I will just need to see what needs to go when I decide how often we’re going to hack at the bush.

And the last thing to consider is sleeping on satin. I tried scarves, du-rags, bonnets and nothing stays on their wriggly little heads. I am going to get some satin pillowcases on my next pay-day but in the mean time I am wrapping some of my many scarves around their pillows as a short-term fix. It seems to be doing the trick so far.

So what I am going to do is – Pre-poo with Grapeseed Oil (or another light oil) for at least 30 mins before washing. Wash every week once a week. Deep condition once a month.  Detangle after the bath (in front of the TV/ with distractions) or in the bath if the kids will stand for it. Protective style. Moisturise morning and night as required. Trim when the hair balls appear and have fun!

Let’s keep growing together!

xx Lee xx

Comments welcome below. What are your kid’s hair Do’s and Definitely-Do-Nots?

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