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So the other day I did my weekly weigh in. This has turned into a measurement of how well I can keep things the same as I haven’t really made any weight loss progress in a while. And I’m actually not that bothered right now but I know I should do something because I’m just getting older everyday and I’m stacking the odds against myself.

Anyway, the other day I stood on the scale and it read 66.9kg. I’ve been up, down and around this weight for a few months now so I wasn’t surprised to see it. Nor was I troubled by it. The weight was set, sometimes the number on the display goes up and down a little as it’s calibrating,  but it was ready to say this is how much you weigh today.

Then I sneezed and it dropped to 66.8kg. Instant weight loss people. I wonder how much I lose for coughing!

As a complete side note, I like this picture as I unwittingly make a little cameo!

Let’s keep cheating the scales together!

xx Lee xx

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