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That Weight Is Dropping Off So Easy…

Why the picture of the Yeo Valley? Why not? Well it is because somehow I now weigh 63.6kg and that was the treat I gave myself, yes, I should not be treating myself with food but it’s fairly healthy food. I didn’t even eat the whole pot (just under 500 calories). I’ve lost 1.5kg and I’m shocked because I don’t even feel like I’ve put in as much effort as I could this last week. But there it is, photographic proof that I tipped the scale at a measly 63 kilos (and a bit). Wooo!


The changes I made this week were fairly small. There were a few meals that I shouldn’t have eaten and I shouldn’t be nibbling the kids leftovers. I’m so bad when it comes to that. When helping my youngest with his dinner, if he takes too long to chew something, I may snaffle some of his food. It’s just sitting there and he’s not eating it, so it shouldn’t go to waste.

My name is Leona and I am a snacker. This is one of my main problems. My weakness is definitely an open packet of biscuits, shopping when peckish and anything with chocolate. I have stuff to work on definitely. I can’t take this for granted as I’ll end up back in the 70 kilo range pretty quickly where I’ve sat for around the last 3-4 years. Maybe I shouldn’t beat myself up so much, from September 2011 to December 2015, I have had 3 children so some weight issues are to be expected. However, as I’ve now had my last child, it seems like a good time to try to change.

I substituted some meals for tomato soup and toast or low-fat yogurt, tinned/ dried fruit and muesli or my favourite at the moment, cream cheese and smoked salmon on a jacket potato. We even got all posh the other day and added asparagus. I will admit that I had pizza and chicken nuggets, chocolate and ice cream and maybe some chocolate eclairs during the week but limited my usual portion size. I even had a chicken breast with rice. No sauce and almost no skin, I say almost because I pulled it off ready to throw away and somehow it ended up in my mouth. It was so plain, so boring, so healthy. This is all progress to me. Baby steps, that’s the way to go.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

So it seems that losing the weight is fairly easy but then you hit your goal weight and you become complacent, put it all back on and wonder how you got there. As with many aspects of my life, I have to change my mindset so I don’t fall into old patterns. Changing yourself, how you fundamentally think is difficult but not impossible. That’s the journey that I’m on. I don’t like how I think about a lot of things, when my mind goes instantly to that negative place. How I change that is the challenge and oh what a challenge. I wish someone could flick a switch for me that made me think “You are everything that you need to be” so I didn’t want more but life is not so simple.

Also I’m going to have to get off my arse and do some exercise too…at some point.

Let’s keep growing (smaller, if you want to)!

xx Lee xx

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