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My Name Is Leona And I Think I Am A Writer…Maybe

So I obviously fancy myself a writer a little bit as I’ve started a blog. But when I describe or sheepishly refer to myself as a writer or talk about my aspirations of writing, this is talking about fiction. Writing about myself or my hair and my weight is pretty easy. Easy in comparison to letting people read my stories. As much as I’m allowing people into my world when I describe the issues with my hair or my body, it is completely different allowing you to read a story of mine. It’s like letting someone peer into my soul.…

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Health and Fitness, Self Improvement

64.7 Reasons To Get My Act Together

So my weekly weigh-in came out with a result of 64.7kg. The scale does not like me this week. That means I’ve put weight on. I’m not surprised, I know exactly why. I was unwell last week and when I need that comfort, I turn to junk food. I’m sure a lot of us do. No one wants to eat a salad when their sneezing their guts out. And then when I’d fallen off the wagon, I just could not be bothered to get back on. One of the worst culprits of the week was a double-decker pizza I had,…

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