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Day One Of The Journey To Tailbone Length Hair (That’s Really Long By The Way)

So it wasn’t all a really weird dream. I did take a razor to my head yesterday and shave all my hair off. Oops! To add insult to injury, today I awoke to the first frost of the year. My cousin did say that I should probably wait to lop it all off until Spring but stubborn me decided to stick to my arbitrary deadline and it is soooooo cold! It has made me question if my goal to have tailbone/ bum length hair is realistic and whether I can stay motivated for the 5 years plus that it will…

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Who Needs Hair Anyway?

. Hi. Yay to my first post!! Woo! So that girl above is me. First picture is me with my fro before I took the plunge. The 2nd and 3rd photo are what happened next. You can even see the shine off my perfectly bald head, that’s how smooth I went. It’s quite an odd sensation doing a wet shave on your head. After months of psyching myself up for this it’s done. I am not disappointed, I am feeling myself right now. Right now, I feel good, but I was worried I might end up looking like Sisqo. You…

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