Hair I Need – 30 Styles For The Year Ahead (Pt. 2)

There aren’t enough days in the year to try out all these styles but a girl can dream, eh? Now where was I after part 1 last week? Well, showing you some awesome styles that you could give a go during this great year ahead. And it will be great! Can it be worse than last year? Maybe, don’t answer that!


Length Check – 3 Months

People have been saying to me that my hair is growing so fast and I’ve brushed it off everytime, not really sure what to say. I didn’t think it was growing that fast, I still felt bald and then I brushed my hair out in the last week of January at around the 12 week mark and I was amazed. My hair has grown! Hair does grow! MY hair does grow! The results of the length check…duh, duh, duh – 1 and 1/8 inches (at it’s longest point). Wahoo! You probably think I’m a fool to be so proud of…

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