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Song Of The Month – September 2018 – Crawling By Linkin Park

Last year, the lead singer of Linkin Park died and I had an immense feeling of grief, especially for his children, I realised that I hadn’t listened to one of my all time favourite albums, Hybrid Theory, for years. It got me through those awkward teenage years, gave me a feeling of belonging to something. The album will never sound the same again.

When it first came out and for a significant amount of time after, it was literally the only album that I owned where I could listen to every single song without having to skip a single beat. I was admittedly in a mild emo phase but even still, this song transcended genres, Linkin Park where and are amazing. I keep meaning to get into their newer stuff but for the time being, nothing can replace this album for me and I don’t want it to. This was a stand out track for me and I will always be grateful for the times  I had screaming this out at the top of my lungs in my parents front room.

Follow me on YouTube to watch the whole playlist. So here it goes, press play, listen and love it.

Let’s keep growing!

xx Lee xx

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