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Song Of The Month – March 2018 – Stay by Zedd & Alessia Cara

I have to say there is something a little different about Zedd’s take on dance music. From collabs with Hayley Williams to Foxes, it’s clear that he focuses on the song and not just the beat. Which is why this collab works so well!

I love Alessia Cara’s voice and I played a few of her songs to the kids but the boys couldn’t care less (their loss) and this was the one that my daughter latched onto the most. We love it, this is our song. As soon as the video starts, she knows what it is, we dance, we sing, we absolutely love this. I hope those moments with my kids never end, well actually, just my girl, I think the boys are so over me forcefeeding them my musical tastes!

Follow me on YouTube to watch the whole playlist. So here it goes, press play, listen and love it.

Let’s keep growing!

xx Lee xx

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