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Song Of The Month – December 2017 – Are You That Somebody? by Aaliyah


The beat of this song is soooo strong. I feel, apart from the string vests in the video, this sound and look would hold up today, no question. Aaliyah is one of those artists, because she passed away, whose greatest potential was never met. Yes she was pretty big but her last album was about to blow up in the mainstream. I wonder what she’d be doing now, how she would sound in 2017?

This is one of the best Timbaland produced and featured songs he’s done. I love his verse in this, I remember when I was much younger really going for that bit like I was hard as. I even don’t mind the completely bizarre baby noise in the background because it all just works so well in the song. And it’s the song that keeps on giving when the sound changes and the latin vibes come in at the end.

She was so beautiful, her body was amazing and her voice as smooth as velvet. Love, love, love everything about this. But I did completely forget it was for Dr Dolittle until I watched the video again the other day!

Follow me on YouTube to watch the whole playlist. So here it goes, press play, listen and love it.

Let’s keep growing!

xx Lee xx

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