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Me And Her: Feeling Blue

It’s funny when I look at my kids, I find it hard to see any resemblance. It’s something, that if I’m completely honest, I struggle with. Most parents look like their kids. But I can’t see myself in them at all. That’s not completely true, there are fleeting moments when I see it. If I hadn’t birthed them myself, I don’t think I’d believe those gorgeous little monsters were mine. So when my daughter comes to me and says she wants colour in her hair like Mummy, how could I say no? I’ve been putting brightly coloured braids in since I was about 16, it’s something that’s almost expected of me. It’s a part of me. It’s partly how I identify myself, even to the detriment of my natural hair at times. But with the good practices we’ve been learning since this journey began, I’m not sure how I could go wrong.

She’s only six and we’re on a natural hair journey so the options are limited for adding colour. I’ve tried a temporary colour spray before but I swear it was poster paint in a can. It made her hair go hard while it was in and it felt so dry after I washed it out. Not to mention it almost stained our sofa.

The next try was some left over pink synthetic hair which was fairly successful. But my parting technique was atrocious! I didn’t giver her any length, it was cut to the same length as her own hair. It was cute and my first attempt at the “Rubber Band Method.” It’s a great way to get the beautiful neat parts that you see all over the internet.

My first go was a bit of a failure as I used bobbles instead of rubber bands because I didn’t have any and I was convinced that the bands would tangle in her hair, dry her hair out or just snap (I bought them really, really cheap on eBay from China).

This time round I wanted to go the whole hog and do it right. Here’s a great video that explains the process better:


I love Jodi, The Brilliant Beauty, isn’t she gorgeous? I suppose she has to be with a name like that! Anyway, she clearly demonstrates how easy it is to do and how great your hair looks. And thank God she does because even though I did the best parting of my life, triangles, perfect lines, consistent sizing of sections, I didn’t take any decent photos. So you’ll just have to take my word for it that it was amazing, ok? I’ve never lead you astray.

This was the best I could do!

I left the style in for over 3 weeks and by the end of that time, it was looking quite fuzzy. I hadn’t blown her hair out before I did the braids so I was expecting that. In fact, I think it looked more natural. Well as natural as blue hair on a six-year-old can look. But it was great, easy to look after and delayed the crying episodes that come with detangling her humongous mass of thick curly hair.

Oh, also, I didn’t use any edge control because I believe embracing you natural hair includes embracing your kinky edges, plus I haven’t found  convincing edge control yet!

Maintaining it was a case of spritzing a little leave-in spray, we were using the Shea Moisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Leave-In Conditioner. And we massaged the scalp every couple of days with a little Olive Oil.

Unfortunately, I can’t give her the colour all year round but I’ve promised that come the school holidays I will be more than happy to add a little pop of colour to her life. I was considering just doing all black braids during school time but I struggle as it is getting her natural hair in a swimming cap, add a few packs of hair and I stand no chance!

It was really easy to complete, after a thorough (and painful cos she’s tender headed) detangling, it took a few hours to get it all in but it was worth it because she loved it, it was a bit different and it made looking after her hair a doddle. Also, detangling during the take down was fairly easy too.

I can’t wait to go again, maybe next time we’ll be feeling…orange?!

Let’s keep trying new things together!

xx Lee xx

Would you put colours in your kids hair? Would you dare let them go to school like that?



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