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The 8 Week Woeful Workout Plan (No. 1) – The Beginning

My Bitmoji sweating more than I ever do!

I’ve noticed that even though I’ve been attempting to eat better my weight isn’t budging. I am maintaining which would be great if I was happy with it but I really do think I could do with being a little lighter and definitely shedding some inches around my waist. I mean, I like the idea of reducing the risk of diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Just saying!

Now seems like a good time to change my routine up a bit. I have a friend’s hen do coming up, not much planned for the weekends in between now and then. I even *shock, horror* have some time off work coming up. Also, I am in the mood for change. Changing my hair, changing my job, changing my body in a positive way. Now because I’m a little lazy and it takes me a while to cotton onto things, and mostly because I hate exercise, I love the idea of doing exercise that means I can sit on my sofa. There are actually exercises for people who want to exercise from the sofa! That person is me! I know I’m probably the only one…


I completely believe in self-love and acceptance and not much has changed for me physically but my mind has. What I see is acceptable and it never used to be. It’s okay and occasionally even sexy. But my mid riff is becoming a concern to me. I am a fairly young mum but I can’t add healthy to that statement. Or say I’m living my best life for my kids. Because I need to be healthy for them as well as myself. I think that people throw around having kids as an immediate motivator to fix any problem you have. And they are, but it’s also not that easy.

I am learning as I get older that I won’t live forever. There is nothing I can do about that. But I can impact the quality of life I lead until it ends. That’s possibly the best I can hope for which is equally hopeful and sad too. Conclusion: Get healthy and don’t stop. Fail but don’t give up. And drink more water (it’s just good general advice that applies to pretty much everything).

So what exactly am I doing?

This little experiment started on Monday 12 March 2018. It’s always good to start new things on Mondays or so I tell myself. And that’s worked out so well for me in the past…Anyway, new week, fresh start.

Now I couldn’t find my tailor’s measuring tape so had to use the metal DIY one which was not ideal as it squares off your round bits but I got my measurements in the end. As ridiculous as it sounds I had to pretty much guess where to measure even though at 32 years old I should have a decent grasp of my own anatomy. See my little helpful diagram here, so it may not be the right places but at least you’ll know what I mean. And I did not mean for it to spell anything, just a happy coincidence.

Be WHAT? Better!

I’ve now realised that I could have just Googled where to measure but these are things you realise after drafting a blog post pretty much in the middle of the night. Hindsight right? Anyway, onto the deets…

Weight  65.8kg (somehow went up to 67.1kg by the 14th)

(B) Bust 34 inches

(W) Waist (or where I think my waist is) 35.5 inches – I don’t have many body goals except for a flatter stomach. One that doesn’t look like I’m pregnant would be ideal. And the thing that I find most annoying and frustrating about this particular insecurity is that I know it’s fuelled mostly by other people. You would not believe how often I’m asked about whether I’m having more kids. Having my big non-preggo belly makes people wonder whether there is a bun in the oven. And there usually is…a burger bun, cinnamon bun, seeded bun etc. I feel this pressure and it’s like I’m expected to repopulate the earth by myself. I have 3 kids already, I think it’s someone else’s turn now, stop speculating that my tummy is a mummy tummy harbouring another person.

So I want a flatter stomach to stop the speculation or at least remove my own paranoia. Is it too much to ask for a tummy that sticks out less than my itty bitties?

(H) Hip 38.5 inches – I don’t expect this to change as I measured on the bone.

(A) Arse (widest part) 40 inches – Have you noticed the measurements seem to be getting bigger as they go down my body. Pear shaped, woo!

(T) Thighs  38 inches (around both, not just one, both!)

So along with eating better, drinking more water, I will somehow find a way to exercise more. Sofa exercise it is then! Okay, I will try and walk more too. I’ve actually had quite a good couple of weeks when it comes to steps to be fair. My friends treated my family to a day out at Old MacDonald’s Farm and I (don’t mind the name drop) got to see Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie and Reni Eddo-Lodge talk in London. Let me tell you, there was a lot of walking involved. Running around after 3 kids in a theme park and wandering around the Underground to the Southbank in heels whilst running late to a prestigious talk gets a good burn on!

That burst of activity was a good start to my new regime followed by a short bout of sickness, which my lifestyle changes almost always are followed by. I think it’s my body’s way of sabotaging me. However, as I mentioned earlier, there are no real plans in between now and the hen do so there shouldn’t be any excuses unless I get sick again. I’ve got a Pinterest board of the exercises I’ll be doing (if I do them) but my main hope is to just get more steps in. Eat less, move more!

What I’m wondering is if it will all make a difference? I hope so. I am in a different mental space than I’ve been in the past when I’ve gone on a health kick. But I appreciate all my bumps and rolls in a way I never have before, can’t quite say I love them though and I would like some of them a little smaller. I definitely do want that tummy to go away a lot, but mostly I’m cool with me, I just want to be healthier.

Let’s keep growing (smaller healthier) together! Check this out to see how I did.

xx Lee xx

Comments welcome below. Any easy tips on getting healthy? What do you struggle with?

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