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64.7 Reasons To Get My Act Together

So my weekly weigh-in came out with a result of 64.7kg. The scale does not like me this week. That means I’ve put weight on. I’m not surprised, I know exactly why. I was unwell last week and when I need that comfort, I turn to junk food. I’m sure a lot of us do. No one wants to eat a salad when their sneezing their guts out. And then when I’d fallen off the wagon, I just could not be bothered to get back on. One of the worst culprits of the week was a double-decker pizza I had, what’s that you ask? It’s two pizzas glued together by cheese. BY CHEESE. Where do you get this monstrosity? This particular one was from Asda, from the pizza counter, served by a woman called Sheila (her name may or may not have been changed to protect her identity or I could have just made it up).

She is a servant of the devil, serving the devil’s food to the weak and innocent (that’s me).

The pizza was good though. Real good. Like “I could eat that every day” good. And therein lies one of my problems, my weakness for cheese covered bread-y goods. Or just cheese. Everything tastes better with cheese. EVERYTHING!

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Before the cheese debacle, the picture above was taken on the 2nd of November. I look at it and I’m not completely unhappy with what I see but I want a flat tummy. I’m not bothered about abs or it being concave, just flat-ish so I can wear whatever I want.

I’m happy with the rest of me, I mean my chest could be bigger but I blame my kids for that (breastfeeding is an evil little b***h!). I look at that picture wanting to change and I just sit on my arse not doing anything about it. No wonder I don’t get what I want. I can eat right as much as I want but good food alone will not get rid of that pooch.


I’ve made a decision and I’m booking myself in to get liposuction because taking the easy way out is the only way to make my dreams come true! Ok, I know that’s not right. I won’t be getting liposuction. I will either try to get rid of it through exercise AND a healthy diet or I’ll just have to live with it.

I’m well aware that a lot of people struggle with fixing this part of their body and do resort to lipo. I don’t blame them, I could work for months, years and not get the result I want. I’ll never have cosmetic surgery, not because I’m against it, but because I’m afraid of dying in surgery or it going wrong and having to live with the consequences. Although, you should never say never…it’s just never for now.

So I need to stop missing lunches or having a light lunch to speed up the weight loss as I just get hungry and don’t see the results I want. I end up snacking so much that I might as well have had the lunch! My current snack of choice are rich tea biscuits. Do you know how many calories there are in a rich tea biscuit? A LOT for something so small. If I ate 12 by accident in one go I should be prepared for the consequences.

I’ve learnt a lot this week, mainly to stay away from pizza and biscuits, that my resolve when it comes to food is weak and that I can’t keep waiting for stuff to happen, I must take action.

So let’s keep growing (smaller if you want to)!

xx Lee xx

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