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The Scales…

So the other day I did my weekly weigh in. This has turned into a measurement of how well I can keep things the same as I haven’t really made any weight loss progress in a while. And I’m actually […]

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The First 4 Weeks

So 4 weeks ago, I went through with chopping all my hair off and deciding to try to be a better me. I thought I knew what this entailed but it is going to be a much longer journey than […]

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64.7 Reasons To Get My Act Together

So my weekly weigh-in came out with a result of 64.7kg. The scale does not like me this week. That means I’ve put weight on. I’m not surprised, I know exactly why. I was unwell last week and when I […]

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That Weight Is Dropping Off So Easy…

Why the picture of the Yeo Valley? Why not? Well it is because somehow I now weigh 63.6kg and that was the treat I gave myself, yes, I should not be treating myself with food but it’s fairly healthy food. […]

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I Weigh 65.1kg :(

On the day I shaved off all my hair, I weighed myself and I weighed 65.1kg or 10 stone 8 pounds and 3 ounces or just a good old 143.5lbs. I am about 5 foot 4 inches, give or take […]

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