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My 1000 Word Project #6 “Hi.” She didn’t say it in a friendly way but he looked up as he knew that voice. He had yearned to hear that voice again. “Right back atcha.” He smiled hopefully. “I didn’t see you up there.” “If I’d realised that, I wouldn’t have said anything.” She looked away hoping he would now go away. But he felt he…

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Reading & Writing

My 1000 Word Project #4

purchase Finpecia uk Here we go again! I don’t remember where this week’s idea came from but I really liked it (if I do say so myself). The premise is basically that you have to ruin the biggest day of someone’s life to save the world. I wrote my first 1000 words of this story but I’m not completely happy with them, not… Continue Reading

Reading & Writing

My 1000 Word Project

I have been talking about my love for writing and so I suppose I should do some actual writing. To that end, I have written 1000 words of the beginning of a story which I am going to make public, here, now. I’ve said previously that when I show people unfinished work, I never then go on to finish it.…

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