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My Hair Routine: Taking Notes

I work in admin so I think my immediate reaction to things that are new and detailed is to take notes. I think my reaction to pretty much anything is to take notes. I used to have bits of paper […]

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All The Stuff I Get To Try This Year

I actually meant to write this post at the beginning of the year but I suppose the procrastinator in me has reared her ugly head a little bit. Better late than never I suppose. It’s so easy to become a […]

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Spritz Me Baby One More Time

I’ve been looking for an easy and effective leave-in spray for myself and the kids. Plus I am really into the idea of making as many of my own products for my hair as possible. I wasn’t sure how to […]

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Steps To Include In Your Regimen

When I started looking into proper hair care there where so many terms and phrases that I was negligent of. I was way left of a lazy natural and I suppose and I should more accurately be described as a […]

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Now I Know My Hair…(cont’d)

Now where was I… So that miracle oil, coconut oil may not actually be a miracle for me with my low porosity follicles. Which is a great shame as I have about 14 jars on top of a cupboard in […]

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Week 3: My Old Hair Care Routine vs My New Hair Care Routine (Part 2)

Okay, so I won’t be needing the wide tooth comb, or any comb, anytime soon but I’m looking forward to when I do! Week three and counting…So I previously was talking about my routine, my old bad habits, the things […]

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