Welcome to Woeful To FroFull

Hi, my name is Lee. I’m a thirty something, Black British mother of 3 and I big shaved to bald on November 1st 2016.

I wanted a fresh start and you don’t get fresher than this. I think I had more hair the day I was born!

I started this blog as I wanted somewhere to write and just be me. I wanted to write about my hair. To write about writing. To write about my kids. To write about my insecurities. To write for writings sake.

I’m not a model (obviously), a guru or any kind of expert. There are 1000s of other bloggers out there so I’m not looking to be the NEXT BIG THING! I am chronicling my journey, the successes AND the failures!

I’ll be here as long as it makes me feel happy and feel that I am accomplishing something, even if no one is reading (but I hope SOMEBODY does)! Just one person will do, please. I ain’t too proud to beg!

Like I said, I’m not any sort of expert but maybe you could help and encourage me and maybe I could help and encourage you, so let’s start from nothing and see what we can achieve.


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